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"I have 4 grown children and a 13 year old, as well as two stepsons, so we have seen LOTS of dentists and have had all sorts of experiences. Now I know why people recommend Dr. Wang.  My step son is 14 years old and has autism and a number of cognitive difficulties. Because of a developmental delay he had numerous baby teeth still in place that were beginning to encroach on his permanent teeth. Dr. Wang and her staff were so outstanding with him I can't even begin to praise her enough. Not only was she very skilled in extracting the teeth, but she is just an amazing person. She spoke kindly and calmly to both of us throughout the procedure, and explained to him step by step what she was doing...this sounds easier than it is because he needs to be reassured quite a few times before he fully understands. When the procedure was done she allowed us to remain in the chair until he was completely calm and settled. I am feeling deeply grateful this afternoon for her compassion...this could have been a very traumatic experience for him (and me!!!), and she really allowed it to be a growth experience.  I would recommend her to anyone."

- Lori Adams

"My daughter was very nervous for her first dentist appointment. I should not have been worried, though. I let the hygienist, Lori, know about her fears, and in a very short time she had my daughter giggling and very comfortable with the whole process. Dr. Wang was extremely personable and patiently answered all my questions. Dealing with Lynn at the front desk was also a pleasant experience. She was very friendly and helpful. I would 100% recommend this office to anyone. Especially those with little ones who may be afraid of the dentist. This office will make you feel comfortable and welcome right away."

- misspokenlogic

"Everyone is this office is absolutely wonderful! The office has a very comfortable and warm atmosphere. There are play areas in both the waiting room and the treatment room, they are great not only for helping keep my daughter calm but, it also give me a chance to discuss any questions or issues I have with Dr. Wang while my daughter is occupied.   The staff is very patient and very efficiently addressed all of my questions and concerns. They took the time to explain to Lilly about the different tools, let her touch them and see how they worked so she was not startled or afraid.  At a few points my daughter, (she will be 3 in August) got a little bit nervous. Dr. Wang and the hygienist immediately picked up on her nervousness. They stopped and reassured her and made sure she was ok before they proceeded. My daughter was very happy after the visit and is still talking about it. She loves to play dentist now :)   Dr. Wang's office is superior in their customer service, treatment of clients and understanding of children and all of their needs. I highly recommend this office!"

- Miranda Eldridge

"Dr. Wang and her staff are great! I take my kids here and they love the atmosphere. There is a fun train set in the front and when they get to the back there are toys there for my kids to play with as well. Dr. Wang truly is a specialist in the field of children's dentistry. I highly recommend this office."

- Teresa Smith

"Best experience with Medical Care since I've resided in Portage 4 years ago. My children loved it and can't wait to go back. Everyone in the office is very welcoming, helpful, professional and great at what they do. I have and will continue to recommend them to everyone with children 18mths-18yrs. My 6 year old daughter had a terrible accident that caused her to have to get a tooth pulled. From the time we walked in my daughter felt at ease. They were so great she did not cry through the entire process and can't wait to go back."

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